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Warren Buffett Says Donald Trump Won't Derail the Economy - Fortune - Fortune

Warren Buffett has a message for his fellow former Hillary Clinton supporters: Dont worry too much.

In only his second interview since Donald Trump won the American presidential election, Buffett, the chairman of insurance conglomerate Berkshire Hathaway brk.a and the worlds most famous investor, told Fortune that he thinks the President-elect wont derail the U.S. economy or the stock market.

Buffett was a vocal supporter of Clinton, holding more than a dozen fundraisers for her, and even hiring a trolley in his hometown of Omaha on election day to get people out to vote.

Nonetheless, Buffett says the U.S. will be wealthier after Trumps presidency. Whats more, the Oracle

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BIAS ALERT: CBS edits out Bill Clinton slip on Hillary health - Fox News

Maureen Dowd shares her insights on how health scare will affect 2016 race

CBS Evening News edited out what sure sounded like a Freudian slip and a lawyerly correction when Bill Clinton was talking about how often his wife collapses from dehydration.

Shes been well, if it is its a mystery to me and all of her doctors, because frequently, not frequently, rarely, but on more than one occasion, over the last many, many years, the same sort of thing has happened to her where she got severely dehydrated, the former president said of Hillary Clinton, who is seeking the office he once held.

The CBS News website posted video showing the exchange, and Clintons mid-sentence correction. But when the exchange with Charlie Rose occurred during the nightly newscast, the frequently, not frequently, rarely part edited out.

For folks who wonder if the public is being told all there is to know about the former secretary of states health, Clintons full sentence seemed to hold a tantalizing clue. By the time other news channels, including Fox, picked up the comment, the slipup was gone.

The Daily Caller was first to compare the ex-presidents full statement to the one that aired, and NewsBusters followed up with a side-by-side comparison.

CBS backpedaled Tuesday and included the full quote on their morning newscast. NewsBusters claimed it was only the latest example of deft editing by the liberal media to make Hillary Clinton look good, or her opponent, Donald Trump, look bad.

"The clip in question from former President Clintons interview with Charlie Rose ran in its entirety on CBS THIS MORNING, CBSNews.com and on CBSN, CBS News 24/7 digital streaming news service," Richard Huff, Executive Director of Communications for CBS News, said in a statement. "One clip that ran on CBS Evening News was edited purely for time while on deadline for the live broadcast."

Last month, CNN edited Trump Campaign Manager Kellyanne Conway speaking on ABCs This Week with George Stephanopoulos, to make it appear that Conway promised Trump would refrain from personal attacks. In fact, Conway said she didnt approve of personal insults by candidates, but made no pledges on behalf of Trump.

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NASA awards grant to Arkansas company to develop silicon-carbide circuit technology - SpaceFlight Insider

Michael Cole

July 9th, 2016

Hangar at NASA Glenn Research Center in Ohio NASA photo posted on SpaceFlight Insider

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U.S. F-15s deployed to Iceland

Story highlightsThe U.S. is deploying 12 F-15C Eagles and approximately 350 airmen to Iceland and the NetherlandsIceland is the only country in NATO that does not have a militaryU.S. aircraft units from the 131st Fighter Squadron at Barnes Air National Guard Base in Massachusetts and the 194th Fighter Squadron at Fresno Air National Guard Base in California will support NATO air surveillance missions in Iceland and conduct flying training in the Netherlands. The F-15s are not the only package of American fighters being sent to Europe in an effort to deter further Russian aggression in the region.In February, the U.S. said it will send six F-15s to Finland as part of Operation Atlantic Resolve, which the United States initiated in 2014 to reassure NATO allies after Russian military intervention in Ukraine. These aircraft are scheduled to deploy next month.Although it maintains a small coast guard force, Iceland is the only country in NATO that does not have a military. The U.S. used to have an air base in Iceland during the Cold War when Iceland sat at a key strategic location in the middle of the Atlantic. But that base was closed in 2006. While NATO has maintained air control over Iceland since 2008, their defenses have been unable to stop Russia from reportedly making air incursions into Icelandic airspace.The F-15s are part of the U.S.'s Theater Security Packages, a rotational force used to augment existing Air Force capabilities in Europe, according to the Air Force."Russia's increased patrols with fighters, bombers and submarines in the North Atlantic have brought new attention to the region and the need for NATO to have a presence there as well," said Magnus Nordenman, director of the Transatlantic Security Initiative Atlantic Council.Tensions between the West and Russia have increased in recent years, in large part because of Russia's annexation of the Ukrainian peninsula of Crimea and its support for separatists elsewhere in eastern Ukraine.The aircraft are scheduled to remain in Europe through September.CORRECTION: A previous version of this story misstated the year NATO began maintaining air control over Iceland.CNN's Ryan Browne contributed to this report.

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Mass shootings reveal sharp partisan divisions ahead of 2016 elections - Washington Post

Two mass shootings less than a week apart have quickly highlighted how guns, national security, abortion and the threat of terrorism are deepening the nations political fault lines ahead of next years election.

In essence, the events provided each side of the partisan divide with mirror-image, poster-child suspects who reflect their views of the biggest threats to Americans safety: a gun-wielding, white abortion opponent in Colorado and two heavily armed Muslims in California with possible ties to terrorism.

After Wednesdays massacre in San Bernardino, Calif., which killed at least 14 people and wounded at least 21 others, Democrats redoubled their calls for stricter gun contr

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See Two Adorable New Photos of Princess Charlotte -- Taken By Kate Middleton - Vanity Fair

It is time to e-mail everyone you had Thanksgiving dinner with and let them know you have to make an addendum to your What are you thankful for? response. Yes, as if hearing our recent lament that there have not been many public sightings of young royals George and Charlotte these past few months, Kensington Palace has offered a surprise this morning, releasing two new photos of Princess Charlotte.

In one, Charlottewho was born in May of this yearappears to be looking out in the distance, perhaps contemplating that she never wrote back to Blue Ivy Carters most recent text, and still needs to decide if shes going to attend Silas Timberlakes holiday party.

In the other, Charlottein the same pink cardigan outfitis delightfully engaging with a stuffed animal (expect, of course, both the cardigan and the stuffed dog to sell out by the end of the morning).

As if all of this wasnt exciting enough, the palace has shared that both of these images, taken in early November at William and Kates Norfolk home, were snapped (as the first official portraits taken of her were) by her mother, the Duchess of Cambridge.

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Listen: President Obama's Increasing Frustration On Guns

President Obama at an interfaith vigil for the shooting victims from Sandy Hook Elementary School in 2012. Pool/Getty Images hide caption

itoggle caption Pool/Getty Images President Obama at an interfaith vigil for the shooting victims from Sandy Hook Elementary School in 2012.